Hanna Defends Second Amendment Rights

By Rep. Richard Hanna
Oneida Daily Dispatch
Guest Column

The Constitution clearly, explicitly and unequivocally protects our right to bear arms. Disturbingly, that once sacred right is under attack by powerful gun control backers in Albany and Washington.

This past year was devastating for the Second Amendment in New York with the passage and signing of the NY SAFE Act in 2013. The SAFE Act is a deeply flawed law, hastily rushed through the Legislature with little more than token resistance. It unduly infringes upon the rights of responsible Upstate gun owners. I oppose the SAFE Act and am committed to partnering with like-minded legislators to repeal this law, which symbolizes so much of what is wrong the political system in our state.

Instead of attacking constitutional freedoms, government should focus on the root causes of senseless gun violence, such as mental illness.

I am committed to a responsible approach that promotes mental illness awareness and treatment and encourages proper firearm safety.

For example, I support a bill that would help law enforcement agencies recognize, treat, and respond to individuals with mental health issues.

I also support legislation that increases the number of public target ranges, which provide a safe and enjoyable opportunity for adults and young people to learn and practice firearm safety.

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