Happily, Hanna seeking re-election

The following letter appeared in the Utica Observer-Dispatch:

I am thrilled Richard Hanna is willing to represent us in a third congressional term. Hanna isn’t your typical career politician, but the model the constitution founders wanted to serve in Congress!

Out of high school, he held skilled blue collar jobs, supported his widowed mother and four sisters, put himself through college unassisted, and started and managed a highly successful construction business for 30 years, employing up to 450 people. He knows the problems and struggles of the worker and businesses and the damage caused by big government.

He’s a philanthropist for local charities — the first living recipient of the Rosamond Childs Award for Community Philanthropy. In 2004 Hanna helped found” Annie’s Fund”, helping hundreds of women make positive changes in their lives. For three decades the local YWCA has declared him a “Champion of Women”. These things and more were done before he ran for public office!

Since in office, he earned a perfect score on education from the National Education Association. He fights against job-killing regulations and ill-conceived “Obamacare” legislation that cost millions their health plans, raised premiums, co-pays, and deductibles, while losing another 2.5 million full time jobs (the non-partisan CBO estimate)!


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